Choosing The Best Rug Cleaning Method for Your Home

Choosing The Best Rug Cleaning Method for Your Home

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Value of carpets

Installing good carpets in your home or business has many benefits. The most noticeable trait about a carpet is that it improves the appearance of a room. If you use the right color, the carpet will enhance your overall decor. There is also the comfortable feel one gets from a carpet and not to mention that it absorbs sound and improves the acoustics of a room. Further, carpets offer more safety compared to other types of floors because it is hard to slip and fall on a carpet.

However, a carpet is bound to get dirty after being used for a while. For this reason, you need to decide the best way of cleaning your carpet. There are two common carpet cleaning methods namely dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. Each of the two methods has its advantages. Here we take a look at the differences between the two cleaning methods.

Differences between dry and steam carpet cleaning methods

Amount of moisture

dry carpet cleaningThe main difference between the two methods is the amount of moisture that comes into contact with your carpet. A dry cleaning method mostly uses chemicals and solvents and has minimal moisture. As the name suggests, steam cleaning involves spraying the carpet with steam and a cleaning solution. The steam method thus introduces a lot of moisture to the carpet and requires a few hours for the carpet to dry. The drying period may sometimes take up to 24 hours or even more.

Cleaning machines

In steam cleaning, a powerful machine is required because it needs to heat the water to boiling point and then pressurize it for effective cleaning. The dry cleaning machine requires less effort since it just needs to rub the cleaning chemicals on the carpet and then vacuum it.

Amount of chemicals

steam cleaning carpetSteam rug cleaning does not require any strong chemicals because the carpet is cleaned by the power of the steam. Dry cleaning on the other hand uses some powerful chemicals to remove the dirt. If you want to avoid cleaning chemicals in your house, you are better off using the steam cleaning method.

Another important fact is that steam cleans deeper than a dry cleaning unit because the steam penetrates all the layers of the carpet. If you want to ensure that your steam cleaner will do a good job, it is a good idea to treat the carpet with some stain removing agents before commencing with the steaming. A dry cleaning unit does not have the same challenge because the chemicals used a strong enough to remove oil stains.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Apart from the advantages detailed above by Refresh Carpet Cleaning, steam cleaning has other unique benefits. When you use a steam cleaner on a carpet, you effectively sanitize and deodorize it. After a cleaning job, the carpet appears cleaner and smells better. In case the carpet was infested by dust mites or mold, the steam will completely clean it. In effect, steam cleaning gets rid of all harmful allergens.

If you have a thick carpet, you have to use a steam cleaner because it will reach deep into the fabric. A dry cleaner may not be able to effectively clean a thick carpet. Based on the information above, you have a choice to make in regards to which method you will use to clean the carpet in your home.

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